How to Choose a Corporate Trainer

How to Choose a Corporate Trainer

What to Consider When Selecting a Corporate Trainer

Every company, at some point, needs to hire a trainer to come in and teach the management team the techniques and skills they need to grow. Honestly, if your company doesn’t bring in a corporate trainer, you are likely weakening your company’s foundation and reducing productivity.

What a Corporate Trainer Does

There are many different functions that a corporate trainer can teach, but the most frequent and the one we are discussing here is a trainer that works with the management team to improve their skills and increase productivity.

In this context, a corporate trainer will:

  • Evaluate each individual member of the team for strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate the team to study group dynamics and look for roadblocks to growth
  • Train the team using team-building techniques and to highlight places were change is needed
  • Work with individuals to shore up weaknesses and enhance strengths

How to Select a Corporate Trainer

For all that a great education is important, you should choose a corporate trainer that has years of experience in business at the scale that you are operating.

Choosing someone with experience at your enterprise’s size is a significant factor. If you are a small regional business, you don’t need the former CEO of a multi-national conglomerate. If your business is a multi-national and you are working in the corporate headquarters, that former CEO is ideal.

One of the most important things to do is to meet your trainer. If you are planning on employing this person for several months to train your people and change your company, you should spend a day with this person. Invite them to follow you on a day full of meetings. Take them to lunch or dinner. Get to know them enough to feel comfortable with them.

Ask them for a video of a training that they hosted. This will show what their work personality looks like. If you need a relaxed trainer and your hire an aggressive personality, you will be wasting your time and money.

Get References

Checking references is usually part of the job that the top manager pass on to someone else. Don’t!

By speaking to people on your level, other CEOs, Managing Directors, or Presidents, you are more likely to get honest evaluations than if you ask your HR director or secretary to call.

The Importance of a Corporate Trainer

The value of a corporate trainer is in their ability to see things from the outside. As the day-to-day leadership, you are sometimes too close to the problems to be able to effectively change things. Also, your people see you every day and may not take your trainings as seriously as if it is delivered by an authoritative outsider.

The key is to choose someone who will be a great fit for your company and your team. In that case, your return on investment is sure to be huge.

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Rene Blum has been in top management positions for several different companies since 1990s. He began by founding his own company and continued his career internationally. He used to be the CFO of Holcim Group in Russia. As a corporate trainer, he is able to bring his training experience to the job with an amiable personality and a great deal of insight.

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